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Information Gathered

This website (www.precisionmetalwork.com) may collect information about visitors, including:

Visitors to the Precision Metalwork, Inc., website may submit online forms to request information from or a consultation with Precision Metalwork, Inc. When submitting an online contact form, a visitor may be asked to provide certain personal details, such as: name, email address, and phone number. Submitted forms are sent to an employee of Precision Metalwork, Inc.

Information Distribution

Precision Metalwork, Inc., considers all information gathered on its website as confidential and will never willfully disclose personally identifiable information collected on its website to any third party without that person’s express permission. Information that is submitted through the website may be saved in a database and will only be used by Precision Metalwork, Inc., regarding a user’s specific request.

Cookies and Interest-Based Advertising

Precision Metalwork, Inc., may use cookies to better understand what ads you see and how you interact with them as well as your browsing activities and behaviors on our website and third-party websites. These cookies allow us to provide you with more useful and relevant ads. Precision Metalwork, Inc., may also display interest-based advertising using information made available to us when you visit our website—this may include information you submit on our website or other websites and/or your browsing behavior on this website or other websites.

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